Making Crystal Healing Crystal Clear

Positive thoughts lead to positive outcomes. The simple yet profound message behind the law of attraction is the reason why people have turned to crystals for centuries.  Ancient Greeks and Romans reportedly used crystals for protection in battle. Ancient Egyptians believed gemstone crystals healed and protected.  Meantime, sacred Indian texts and Chinese history spotlight crystals in medical treatment. With the emotional heaviness and financial strain the world has been under for the last year and half, it appears natural for a growing number of people to seek the potential healing powers of crystals and stones. We've created a beginner's guide for any of you curious or new to crystal healing. 

What Is Crystal Healing? 

Each crystal is said to have a different effect on the mind and body.  From prosperity to peace to protection, the healing benefits vary by the stone.   "Crystals’ vibrations arise from the unique way their atoms and molecules move and interact,"says Amy Mercee, holistic health expert and author of The Mood Book: Crystals, Oils, and Rituals to Elevate Your Spirit. These vibrations and energies can then supposedly affect our bodies—and mind. 


How to Choose your Crystals 

Determine your most pressing need or desire, like easing stress or releasing negativity, and choose a pertinent crystal to hold during meditation, to carry with you daily or to place in your home as a physical reminder of your intentions. 

At Olive & Ollie, we're combining the purported power of crystals with a special selection of our coconut wax candle.  Two cleansed crystals are placed in each jar to help you focus on your intentions and manifest the outcome you wish to see.  You also have the option of carrying your crystals with you once the candle has burned. Check out the 5 ways you can incorporate crystal healing with the Olive & Ollie candles you’ve grown to love: 


Abundance: Citrine + Orange Cane 

Attract the abundance you desire and deserve with this Citrine + Orange Cane healing candle. Citrine is one of the most powerful crystals when it comes to manifesting more wealth and prosperity in your life.  With its high, sweet, and pure vibration this crystal candle will remind you that you are worthy of not just wealth but every wonderful thing. 

Heal & Protect: Amethyst + Night Flower 

Our Amethyst + Night Flower healing candle helps you awaken your spiritual senses and invoke peace in your space.  Manifest healing, protection and positivity with this powerful stone while slipping into bliss with the light scent of Plumeria and Lavender. 

Love: Rose Quartz + Exotic Red 

Open the heart to forgiveness, compassion and new love with a Rose Quartz + Exotic Red healing candle. Rose Quartz is a stone of the heart with a tender, peaceful and comforting energy. When paired with the nostalgic, cheerful and delightful feminine scent of Exotic Red, you are on your way to manifesting joy and unconditional love. 

Protection: Tiger Eye + Mr. Bean 

 Protect your peace, spiritually and physically, with a Tiger Eye+Mr Bean healing candle. Tiger Eye protects you from negative energies while helping focus the mind to remain grounded and attract good luck. When combined with the warm vanilla scent of Mr. Bean, you soothe your senses and spiritually bathe yourself in cozy comfort. 

Relaxation: Tourmaline + Mr. Wood 

A spiritual stress release is at arm's reach with a Tourmaline + Mr. Wood healing candle.  Black Tourmaline is one of the most powerful grounding, purification and protection stones.  The crystals work with Mr. Wood's rich blend of opulent and sophisticated spices to invoke earthy stability. 


There you have it—our way of making crystal healing, crystal clear for you! Remember, your thoughts are powerful.  However, you choose to manifest positive intentions, it all starts in the mind. I personally began wearing crystals before incorporating them into my candles, and have noticed a difference in my life.  Returned focused and more energy have been my focus. I’m sure the journaling and meditation have also helped to center me. Would love to hear about your journey.  Be sure to leave me a message. 


In Peace, 

Liv Singleton 

Olive + Ollie